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We ran for office across the country and won, mashallah

My brother, friend and motivator Basheer Jones (Official) was sworn in today in Cleveland as a councilman for the Cleveland's Seventh Ward. Mashallah That's important because Cleveland is a city with a sad, ugly wound: the shooting of Tamir Rice, and fractured relationships between local government and citizens. Basheer had answers. A year ago, Basheer took me to the site of Tamir's brutal murder. We prayed for Tamir, his family, the city, and healing. Later, Bashir shared with me his passion: to cure the city and to stitch its differences by running for office. He did it and won, mashallah God bless you, my friend, your family and your community. The sky is the limit Please share your prayers for Basheer below and words of encouragement Finally, my good friend and surfing coast @fayaznawabisd is running in San Diego. Support him!